Thrive Discipleship Groups

1.Engaging Others as Exiles

Teacher: Pastor Troy Harrison (Faith Hall)

Description: How heavy is the burden of your heart to personally share your faith, only to come up against the deflating realization that the very people you need to share it with are far from interested in receiving it? It wasn’t too long ago that traditional means of witnessing were welcomed. Now, it seems that cultural changes have recolored people’s attitudes and receptivity to the gospel, thus making us exiles and even outcasts in our efforts to share it faithfully. Join us in January as we begin a 13-week discussion about practical ways to overcome these barriers and obediently fulfill our biblical mandate to engage others with our beautiful gospel.

2. Explore the Bible: Genesis

Teacher: Jordan Ligerfelt (Room 326 NW)

Description: Explore the Bible is the same curriculum we have been studying in Sunday School at Siloam for the past several years. This text-based study brings the Bible’s promises and commands to the forefront and equips Christ-followers to live on mission and in obedience. The study for the first quarter of 2024 will cover the book of Genesis.


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