Thrive Discipleship Groups


Teacher: Leonard Carter

Description: The Old Testament is by no means the boring front story to the New Testament. Through these 39 books, we clearly see God’s character and authority, what He expects of us, and especially how the promises of God provide a beautiful backdrop for the grand story that ultimately leads us to Christ!

2. Why am I Baptist?

Teacher: Jack Cooper

Description: Many people that attend Baptist churches struggle to identify the primary reasons they are Baptist to begin with. Through an overview of church history and review of fundamental doctrine, this course is designed to encourage church members to become biblically convictional, boldly confessional, and bravely courageous in their Baptist identity.


Teacher: Darrell Wilkinson

Description: Explore the Bible is the same curriculum we have been studying in Sunday School at Siloam for the past several years. This text-based study brings the Bible’s promises and commands to the forefront and equips Christ-followers to live on mission and in obedience. The study for the second quarter of 2023 will cover the 10 chapters of the gospel of John.


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